“Every big-name artist or band  started in the Local Music Scene.”


     Our Motto



Willamette Valley Presents began as a Facebook page to inform people of local shows. It has since evolved into a booking and promotion company that has brought entertainment of all sorts to the Willamette Valley,  from acoustic solo acts to internationally known artists. WVP’s mission is to showcase the talent and dedication of local musicians. Its motto: “Every big-name artist or band started in the Local Music Scene.”

Our organization is known for quality, attention to detail, and our ability to bring people together with GREAT  entertainment, for a PHENOMENAL EXPERIENCE !


Photo Gallery

Strange Dichotomy

Gary Hoey & Dave with a  mouthful of pizza ! Nothing Better !

Jobe Woosley

Colton Williams - S4A

Eli Howard

Issa Koberstein

 Seven Mile Lane

Chris Phillips S4AA  AKA

SIR Beef of Wellington

J Rock Dark


Andrew Smith - Henry's Child

Cary Rich - Jollymon

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            Mission Statement

Willamette Valley Presents LLC is committed to bringing local talent together to create events that can be enjoyed in our local communities.

To make the Willamette Valley THE destination for  TOP NOTCH entertainment. We believe in the value of our local talent and their ability to entertain our communities.  

Willamette Valley Presents LLC believes that strong community involvement creates strong local businesses, artisans, and artists for everyone to experience and enjoy.

Your source for Live Local Music in the Willamette Valley